About Us

Ever since it was founded in 2004 Baptista Luz Advogados has gone through several changes, growing along the incorporation of practice areas and services while never losing its main characteristics: serving innovative clients and committing to optimal results.

Today our legal practice covers several areas of Corporate Law, each of which is given our dedication with the same degree of quality, focus and dynamism, as we are always looking to achieving the same results in our actions.

Among our clients we have outstanding companies and economic groups, both domestic and international, investment funds, angel investors and entrepreneurs. Our clients prevail in their markets with innovative, courageous and visionary actions, hence the importance that they go along with a legal firm with precisely the same attitude.

With a highly qualified team, as experienced as creative and diversified, our services are provided focusing on results, thus contributing to, and cherishing, the success of our clients. Therefore we have the opportunity of performing in diverse sectors of the economy, particularly telecommunications, technology, Internet, financial institutions, advertising and cosmetics.

Even more relevant than the diversity of sectors and areas in which we perform is our capacity of achieving success in any scenario, context or culture. Cross-border negotiations are part of our routine, startups are part of our culture.



Our industry practice includes:

Investment Accelerators

Our firm is a pioneer in providing accelerators, incubators and innovation programs with specialized legal services. We have been profoundly involved with the structuring of some of the most important accelerators in Brazil, and we played a relevant role in the implementation of certain government programs that have supported entrepreneurship, such as the Start-up Brasil initiative of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. Drafting investment contracts is a key aspect in our legal advice to these entities, as much as it is portfolio monitoring, and the provision of legal advice on investment and exit strategies, including continuous corporate planning to those companies. We also play a strong institutional role, through mentoring and development of educational content, of which we highlight the work we have been providing Startup Farm with, one of the main accelerators in Brazil, for a period of over six years, and Tech Stars, the American accelerator that is responsible for entrepreneurship development programs, such as the Startup Weekend.

Software Developers

Due to our expertise in the most specific aspects of the technology sector, we are privileged to provide international groups of software development and software license with our legal services, assisting them in the most diverse aspects of their operations. In the contractual area, we assist companies in drafting their contracts, reviewing complex development agreements, developing service-level covenants and information security policies. In the tax area, we have extensive consulting and litigation experience, particularly in matters related to software taxation in Brazil, including that related to the import and export of services.


We have extensive experience in assisting companies that conduct business transactions over the Internet, providing our clients with our experience and expertise in all legal aspects of such transactions, which include tax planning, providing consumer law and data privacy risk assessment, including as necessary to analyze the impact of regulations, such as the “Marco Civil da Internet” (Brazilian Internet Bill of Rights). Our clients in this industry include companies that acquire and process electronic payments, e-commerce companies, marketplaces, and online travel agencies.

Fashion Law & Cosmetics

Our firm has extensive experience in the provision of legal services to fashion and cosmetics companies, including world leaders operating in Brazil. Our activities in this area include matters related to consumer relations, rental and operations of retail stores, online product sale portals, shipment of products to other states, partnership agreements, opening of franchises and relationship with franchisees, regulatory matters, tax planning of operations as well as protection of intellectual property.


Innovative companies in the area of financial services require a law firm that is fully prepared to deal with constant and unpredictable challenges which are typical in such a disruptive sector. We have large experience with companies working with e-banking technologies, P2P lending, equity crowdfunding, insurance, online credit, anti-fraud technologies and automated investment management platforms, among other technologies aimed at the disruption of the financial market.

Angel Investors

The history of our firm is closely associated with the development of angel investment in Brazil; some of our clients were pioneers in the Internet industry in the country along the 1990s, and became active investors in new companies and businesses in the 21st century. Our advice is focused not only on equity acquisition and corporate planning, but also on assisting our clients in defining exit strategies. Our firm has long supported associations of angel investors, through which we contribute with articles related to the development of best practices, templates of investment agreements, events and webinars for the sector.

Financial and Capital Markets

We advise banks, portfolio and asset managers, autonomous investment agents, financial consultants, investment funds and qualified investors in various of the demands involving the financial and capital markets. We also specialize in defending clients in administrative proceedings before the CVM and the Central Bank of Brazil, as well as the arbitrations involving financial and capital markets disputes. From an institutional standpoint, we have played an active role in contributing to several public consultations made available by the CVM, the Central Bank of Brazil and the Federal Revenue Service prior to the enacting of new regulation.


We are one of the pioneering firms in providing advice on mobile technologies in the country. Our expertise includes assistance and consulting for mobile, tablet application and gaming companies, advertising agencies focused on the mobile sector, mobile integrators, and developers of value added solutions for the telecommunications industry.

Online to Offline Companies (O2O)

Among the main strategies adopted in the innovation market, online-to-offline services have gained distinction for their ability to innovate, with technology, traditional sectors of the economy, bringing along important regulatory challenges. Among our most important clients are logistics and geolocation companies, scheduling service providers, collective purchasing clubs, transportation companies, and freelancers.

Advertising and marketing

We are a reference in the advertising sector in Brazil due to our extensive experience with advertisers, advertising agencies and media. We have gained a leading position in the digital advertising sector, especially drafting contracts as well as with feasibility consultations for advertising actions, partnership operations and joint ventures in the sector, and specialized continuous consultancy services to midsize and large ad agencies. Moreover, we have solid knowledge of the advertising market rules, as we have extensive experience in proceedings within the CONAR and the CENP; we advise our clients on matters of compliance with the market self-regulation rules, including approving and conducting authorized commercial sweepstakes and promotions (REPCO/CAIXA, SEAE, SUSEP).

Online Advertising and AdTech

Since the foundation of our firm, our experience is directly related to the beginning of some of the most important advertising technology companies in Brazil. In addition, we provide several foreign companies with legal advice in setting up their operations in Brazil, assisting them all along from a corporate, tax, IP, labor and contractual standpoint. Since 2015, we have been partners and supporters of the Interactive Advertising Bureau - Brazil, the most important online advertising association in the country. We provide legal advice to Ad Networks, Ad Exchanges, Demand-Side & Server-Side Platforms, Trading Desks, Data Management Platforms and other innovative technologies in the sector, as well as legal opinions to large Internet companies and multinational advertisers which are interested in hiring online advertising in the country.


Our firm is a reference in the provision of legal services to emerging companies of the technology sector. We assist entrepreneurs from the early incorporation agreements all along the analysis of the feasibility of their business model, their corporate structuring, development of vesting contracts, protection of intellectual property, support for the financing stages of the startup (term-sheets, due diligence, drafting investment agreements, mutual convertibles, call options), drafting the shareholders’ agreement, defining metrics, contractual triggers and legal instruments of valuation, internationalization of companies as well as defining exit strategies. As institutional partners of the Brazilian Association of Startups and other entities promoting the sector, we have an important role in raising awareness of the best practices in the market. In recent years, we have developed mentoring, giving lectures and content sessions in the main hubs of entrepreneurship in Brazil, such as Cubo, Campus São Paulo, CASE, Feira do Empreendedor, Festival Path, and others. Furthermore, our firm maintains a unique content portal in order to help startups make the best legal decisions for their companies.

Venture Capital

Our firm has developed a solid experience in advising venture capital funds in Brazil. Through a dedicated team with relevant knowledge of the market, our firm provides (i) advice on structuring investment and shareholders' agreements; (ii) specialized tax and labor planning prior to and after the transactions; (iii) protection of the intellectual property rights involved in the transactions as well as other intangible assets; (iv) incentive to key executives, including those based on stock-option plans; and (v) we have extensive experience with convertible debt, mergers, drop-down, goodwill acquisition, management buy-out, leveraged buy-out, and spin-off structures and transactions involving such structures; (vi) transaction approval proceedings before the CADE.